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The construction industry is faced with depleting resources, heightened environmental concerns, high costs, and deteriorating product quality. The United Nations estimates that worldwide housing shortfall exceeds one billion units and is growing.

The GreenMachine and the associated TerraBuilt Construction System enable construction of high quality, low cost structures made of long lasting materials that save life cycle energy costs, are durable, fire and disaster resistant as well as environmentally sustainable. The cornerstone of the Terrabuilt Construction System is the one-ton hydraulic GreenMachine. This machine produces structural, precision engineered, tongue and groove compressed earth blocks (TerraBricks) that are stabilized with small quantities of cement. Dimensional accuracy enables dry stack construction of walls, largely eliminating the use of mortar and need for skilled labor. The GreenMachine brings the time-honored earth block building process into the 21st century.

Commercial and Government
  • Worldwide affordable housing
  • Disaster relief and reconstruction efforts
  • Sustainable and green building markets
  • Rural and semi-urban structures for education and health infrastructure development
  • Agricultural outbuildings and miscellaneous structures
  • Fencing
  • Owner/user and do-it-yourself projects
  • Public works construction (i.e., road curbs, retaining walls, culverts, etc.)
  • Landscape applications
Military and Humanitarian
  • Contingency/emergency construction for military structures
  • Force protection for U.S. troops, equipment and allies
  • Substitute for sandbags
  • Revetments, fortifications and retaining walls
  • Military civic action/nation building for schools, clinics, community buildings, farm buildings, and housing.

Salvation Ambassador Rene Leon seeing Green Machine in operation and visiting a TerraBuilt HOME.