Code Compliance

The TerraBuilt construction system exceeds the prevailing US Code standards for adobe and soil-based block materials, defined as non-fired clay masonry.

TerraBricks were tested at Kleinfelder Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a certified materials testing laboratory. TerraBricks exceed the Adobe compressive strength standard of 300 psi, and measured at 900 to 2,240 psi depending on cement content. They also out performed the Adobe wall standards for compression strength, modulus of rupture, lateral load and shear strength.

Thermal dynamic tests, conducted by the Oakridge National Laboratory Building Technology Center, show that a properly engineered TerraBuilt wall significantly out performs an equivalent wood frame wall system. This is due to the inherent thermal mass benefit of a soil block wall and varies by geographic region. For example, in Phoenix, Arizona, a TerraBuilt wall out performs a wood frame wall by a factor of 2.8 whereas in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the performance factor is 1.27. The average for considered locations in the US is a performance factor of 1.84.

TerraBuilt housing in El Salvador (shown below) has resisted seismic tremors of 5 on the Richter scale of 1-10 without structural failure.