• Mounted on a rugged two wheel chassis with trailer hitch for easy transfer between building sites and efficient deployment to remote locations.
  • Computer assisted mechanical hydraulics system with a Barnes two stage hydraulic pump.
  • Solid state stainless steel proximity switches.
  GM3-10 GM3-12
Weight 1 ton 1¼ tons
Size (HxWxL) 65x78x121 inches 65x81x134 inches
Ground clearance 9½ inches 9½ inches
Engine Honda 8 hp Yanmar 10 hp
Fuel gasoline diesel
TerraBrick weight (varies with soil density) 20 pounds 24 pounds
TerraBrick size (HxWxL) 4x8x10 inches 4x8x12 inches
TerraBrick Compressive Strength w/8% cement 2,240 lbs 2,240 lbs
Production rate/minute 4 /minute 5 /minute
One cubic yard soil + 1½ bags cement make 84 TerraBricks 70 TerraBricks
One square foot of wall coverage requires 3.6 TerraBricks 3.0 TerraBricks
Machine hours to make TerraBricks for a 1,000 square foot house shell 24 hours 20 hours