The GreenMachine

What it is
Photographs courtesy of Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity, Franklin, West Virginia, USA

The GreenMachine is a patented, one-ton, rugged, self-contained hydraulic machine that is towed easily. It uses local materials for cost effective, on-site construction.

What it does

It produces structural, precision-engineered tongue & groove compressed earth blocks (TerraBricks) which can be stabilized with small quantities of cement for greater strength and weather resistance. The dimensional accuracy of each TerraBrick enables mortarless dry stack construction by unskilled labor while the TerraBricks are still “green”.

Civilian applications

Cost effective sustainable building system for housing, schools, clinics, work buildings, barns, outbuildings, sheds, retaining walls. Emergency and disaster relief shelter.

Military applications

Contingency construction. Bullet, shrapnel & explosive stopping capability. Force Protection. Revetments and Fortifications. Substitute for sand bags. Civic action and Nation building for schools, clinics, community buildings, and housing.

AK47 Slugs after Hitting TERRABRICK at 25 Yards